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Reiki Healing Principals

Reiki - A brief History

Reiki was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui just over 100 years ago. He was a Christian minister in Japan who resigned his position to discover the secret of healing. After studying in America he turned to Buddhism. After seven years searching and learning Sanskrit he finally found the teachings he had been looking for. Dr. Usui found the formula, the symbols, the description of how Buddha healed. Although he had the knowledge he did not have the power to heal, so he went to Mount Kuri Yama and meditated, to seek the power to heal. After 21 days Dr. Usui had a vision during which the power to heal was revealed to him. After the vision Dr. Usui found he had the Reiki healing power.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is different for everyone. It is experienced by hands-on or distant healing.
Hands are placed on a fully clothed person in various positions to enable the energy to flow. Afterwards the person usually feels very relaxed and full of energy. Sometimes the effects can be delayed by several days.
Most people feel it as heat or a tingling sensation, but the experience is different for every person.

Reiki is something you feel -- something you have to experience.
It is not something that you can learn from books.

Like to know more?

The Reiki news group - Where the latest news & views on Reiki are aired.

If you would like some more information.
To receive a treatment OR
Learn how to practice Reiki for yourself.
I am based in Hampshire in the UK, but I can put you in contact with Reiki people In any part of the UK or The World.
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My Reiki Path begins

Reiki can not be captured by words.
Reading stories of others can never be the same as experiencing those feelings yourself.

My 1st Reiki class

I remember waking up on the Monday morning the day after taking my Reiki 1 course. I really felt a different person. All the colours I saw were brighter, the trees were much greener.
I thought to myself. This is the most wonderful thing I have ever expereinced.
Reiki always enters your life when you need it the most.

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Last update 8th December 1996